EBMAS SummerCamp 2008

Edward at SummerCamp 08.JPG

Testing with Sifu Emin.JPG

Testing followup.JPG

Edward performs Siu Nim Tao for part of his 1st TG test.JPG

Testing with Tom our host in Miami.JPG

Edward get his 1st TG from Sifu Emin.JPG

New 1st TG's with Sifu Edgar and Sifu Emin.JPG

Marco from EBMAS Costa Rica with George from EBMAS NYC.JPG

Edward gets ready to thow down with Grandmaster Rene.JPG

Edward moving so fast the camera barely caught him, escrima.JPG

More Escrima drills.JPG

Escrima cont.JPG

Edward and Sifu Emin.JPG

EBMAS holds summercamps every year. The 2008 SummerCamp was held in Miami Beach.

Edward attended, receiving his First Technician Grade in Wing Tzun from Sifu Emin Boztepe and his 6th Student Grade in Escrima from Grandmaster Rene Latosa.