2005 Seminars with Si-Sok Casey

Si-Sok and Joe.jpg

Si-Sok and Joe, round 2.jpg

JT and Joe in Two Fak Sao's are better than one.jpg

JT Pak Sao attempt on Si-Sok.jpg

Doh! Too slow.jpg

Burnett and Si-Sok, Chi-Sao.jpg

Edward and Si-Sok do Chi-Gerk under the watchful eye of Sifu Emin (picutre top left).jpg

That wasn't a kick, it was a punch, Edward.jpg

Not sure how I got into that position.jpg

Edward gets taken down, but continues the attack!.jpg

Si-Sok with Vlad and sons.jpg

Man, I am tired. Hey, let's do Escrima.jpg

Having fun with weapons.jpg

Vlad and Joe, Escrima.jpg


Pictures from 2 Seminars in 2005. Notice the still incomplete training studio.

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